About us

The company "Mišlov" Ltd. is established in the year 2001, in Kali, Island Ugljan. The main activity of company is catching palegic fish mainly sardine and anchovy. For catching fish company owns two fishing vessels named Rošo and Cicilo. The key strengths of Mišlov d.o.o is experience acquired through generations of the Mišlov family, regarding fishing of small pelagics and tuna as well as tuna farming. This allows the company to continuously strengthen, and to be one of the best in its sector.

In June 2015, the company opens a plant for processing pelagic fish in Poličnik thus expanding its activities in the processing and wholesale of fishery products. Production includes marinating and salting anchovies and sardines and IQF freezing system for fish (individually quick frozen/ single freezing method). Processing of fishery products is carried out by applying the HACCP system. The product line includes frozen, marinated and salted products of sardines and anchovies.

To ensure a sufficient quantity of fresh fish for processing the company is buying a third vessel to catch small pelagic fish named Molo. All three vessels are well-equipped for moder pelagic fishing in Adriatic and Mediterranean sea. In order to preserve the freshness of fish immediately on board starts the cooling which continues during the transport to the production facility and other destinations by company’s refrigerator trucks.

Fishing vessels

M/B Rošo

M/B Cicilo

M/B Molo